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Patio Ideas and Designs

Patio Ideas and Designs

The Norfoam range is suitable for a variety of structural designs from patios, alfresco areas, outdoor rooms, gazebos, carports and custom designs. Our patios are made with Australian BlueScope® COLORBOND® steel that easily compatible with a number of applications. It provides protection from the elements which is an important aspect in the enjoyment of the outdoor lifestyle in North Queensland.

With a full spectrum of profile, colour’s, and energy efficiency options. The range of benefits include a cooler outdoor living space, durability, style, ease of installation and a cost-effective end to end solution.

Available Core Types
Welcome to North Queensland’s leading flexible Insulated Patio Design Options

Looking for a way to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space this is both stylish and practical? At Norfoam we offer a wide range of designs and ideas using our insulated roof products offering endless possibilities for transforming your outdoor living area.  With a range of colours, profiles and finishes, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to designing an outdoor space with Norfoam® insulated roofing panels.  Start exploring the wide range of designs and ideas available and transform your outdoor living area into a space you’ll love for years to come!

Skillion Patio
Available In Nordeck®, SolarSpan®, InsulRoof®.

For a quick, simple and versatile design the traditional skillion roof design integrates easily with any surrounds. It can be free standing or attached to your home to extend your living area.

Free Standing
Available In Nordeck®, SolarSpan®, InsulRoof®.

A free-standing patio design offers an oasis away from the home. Pick a position in front of the pool or a cosy spot in the yard. Make this area a special place for family events, weekend gatherings or a regular outdoor dining space. A free-standing patio has plenty of design choices to compliment your garden and home.

Fly Over Patio
Available In Nordeck®, SolarSpan®, InsulRoof®.

Spacious and impressive. With high ceilings this design allows for head room, maximum air flow and day light through your outdoor living area. It can be free-standing or attached to your home creating an architecturally pleasing roof line to enhance your home space and added comfort.

Gable Patio
Available In Nordeck®, SolarSpan®, InsulRoof®.

Attractive high ceilings and minimal framing creates open living area with optimal airflow and plenty of natural light. A gable patio design offers a variety of gable infill and beam options to deliver an exciting patio to compliment your home.

Two Storey Patio
Available In Nordeck®, SolarSpan®, InsulRoof®.

Two storey homes in far Nth Qld are common and are designed with a large deck or verandah.  Norfoam® insulated roofing panel options are perfect to extend the upstairs area without obstructing the scenic views and keeping your family cool and outdoors for longer during social events

Car/Boat/Caravan Patio
Available In Nordeck®, SolarSpan®, InsulRoof®.

Protect your car, boat, caravan or RV under an insulated roof giving you a comfortable area to work, clean and play on your toys at any time of day.