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Leaders in Thermal & Architectural Building Solutions

Norfoam have a proud history in North Queensland’s building market since 1987. We are the only North Queensland based manufacturer of insulated sandwich panel. We are committed to North Queensland, growing our business and creating jobs and opportunities for in North Queensland.


Leaders in Thermal & Architectural Building Solutions

We promise to provide our customers with a high quality product that performs to exceed Australian Standards.

Norfoam For Home.

High performance insulative roofing and walls.

Building a home in North Queensland offers some unique challenges, the hot and humid climate and major events such as storms, floods and fire to name just a few. To build in North Queensland you need reliable material that will accommodate big spans that allow ample shaded breezeways, superior thermal properties for better insulation and overall strength.

Norfoam’s range of Insulated Sandwich Panels are purpose made for building comfortable, safe and efficient homes in the North Queensland environment better still the products are made in North Queensland. Norfoam walling products are quick to install and can eliminate the need for wall frames, insulation, interior cladding and exterior cladding. Norfoam roofing products eliminate trusses, ceiling, insulation and exterior cladding.

Made from COLORBOND® steel and a range of core materials Norfoam panels have high thermal values and can meet bushfire standards (BAL) or are in some cases non-combustible.

For local supply of world class residential walling and roofing products call our Norfoam team

Our commitment to sustainability.

All of Norfoam products are developed with the health of the Australian environment and community in mind. We are committed to using recyclable or reusable materials wherever possible. All of our products are non-ozone depleting and thermally efficient, which saves in energy costs and benefits the environment. Norfoam allows you to act local, think global. Through purchasing locally manufactured building products, including Australian BlueScope® COLORBOND® steel, you are reducing your impact on the environment by reducing freight miles, and you will also be supporting Australian industries. Norfoam offers our customers a service to responsibly recycle all packaging and offcuts from our products at no charge, when returned to us.

Creating New Jobs in Northern Queensland

Our investment in local manufacturing.

Norfoam is growing with the NQ economy, we started over 25 years ago making boxes and have grown to 2 locations, Innisfail and Townsville. Norfoam is committed to the North Queensland region and is growing our team by training new people and developing new products. Our affiliation with the Bondor Metecno group is driving new growth, innovative technology and a greater range of products through Norfoam.

Norfoam for Agribusiness

We have been working with the Agri industry for over 25 years providing local solutions for Livestock and fresh produce. We design and manufacture Coldrooms, packing rooms and storage to suit your needs. Our Innisfail factory also manufacture a range of EPS boxes to keep you produce fresh to market. You will find our cold rooms and processing sheds across NQ from prawn farms to fresh fruit, to coffee roasting and out west servicing beef and other livestock.

Manufactured Locally, supporting local trades

We are a proud North Queensland manufacturer that has been manufacturing Insulated Panel products in Townsville for 20 years. We use Australian made BlueScope® steel and we locally manufacture the EPS core to make high quality insulated roofing panels, walling, cold room panels and other building products. All of our ranges will save energy, money and are environmentally responsible. We care about our customers, our people, our region and our environment. Our connection with Bondor Metecno provides preferential access to PIR and Mineral Wool cored insulated panels.

Norfoam is your local, fast, high quality option for all insulated roofing and walling needs. We are renowned for supporting local trades as we understand the regional construction industry and will endeavour to assist on any residential, commercial, industrial or agriculture projects in this region.

Norfoam Townsville

Insulated Doors; Insulated Paneling; Cold Rooms; Insulated Roofing

Norfoam Innisfail

Produce Boxes; Glass/Stubby Coolers; Waffle Pods; Styrofoam Panels

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