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Welcome to our Project Case Study page! Here, we showcase some of our most successful projects and highlight the impact they have had on our clients. Our case studies offer the challenges our clients, the solution we provided and photos of the results achieved.

We hope to demonstrate our expertise in our field and our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our customers. Whether you are a home owner, architect or a builder looking for your own project or just curious about what we do, we invite you to explore our case studies. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your own project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tacoma Plumbing Warehouse

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Tacoma Plumbing Warehouse

Insulated roof panel are an innovative solution that can be used to improve the energy efficiency and thermal performance of warehouses. In this case study, we will explore how insulated roof panels were used to construct an industrial warehouse with no joins and with a span over 18m long.

Tacoma Plumbing warehouse was a large facility that dealt with the storage and distribution of plumbing supplies. The warehouse is located in Northern Queensland with extreme temperatures, the summers being very hot and humid.

The onsite challenge for constructing the warehouse faced several challenges, including

  1. Manufacturing: the project required a manufacturer with the capability to manufacturer an insulated roofing panel with a length of 19m.
  2. Shipping: the project preferred to use a local manufacturer to minimise transportation cost to the construction site.
  3. Lifting panels: the project needed expert team to lift the panels into place with a crane and roofing team to with experience to create no joins and knowledge of gutter connection for commercial size gutters.

Norfoam® was able to address these challenges with providing an all-in-one roofing product Nordeck® 100mm core thickness. Nordeck® has an EPS-FR insulated panel between two layers of COLORBOND® steel, which provides the streamlined look with no visible joins and covers a span of 2400mm across the roof line to a length of 18.4m in this application.

Using Nordeck® insulated roof panels also helped with reducing costs with building supplies; less purlins and less trades required to construct the warehouse. Nordeck® is proudly manufactured in Townsville, the project was able to reduce the cost in transportation cost from the Norfoam’s factory to the construction site. As these panels are light weight the crane was able to lift 6 panels in one lift onto the roof.

The use of Nordeck® insulated roof panels not only provided functional benefits but also enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the building. The warehouse is energy efficient, sustainable and easy to maintain, providing significant benefits to both the environment and the business. The use of insulated roof panels is a great example of how sustainability and design can be integrated to create a comfortable and functional structure in the North of Queensland.

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