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Welcome to our Project Case Study page! Here, we showcase some of our most successful projects and highlight the impact they have had on our clients. Our case studies offer the challenges our clients, the solution we provided and photos of the results achieved.

We hope to demonstrate our expertise in our field and our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our customers. Whether you are a home owner, architect or a builder looking for your own project or just curious about what we do, we invite you to explore our case studies. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your own project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Rose St

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Rose Deck

In Townsville, the homeowners often want to make the most of their outdoor space with multi-functional use. They needed to add a large patio to their already existing home. The structure was to provide shade and shelter from the harsh sun and rain and they wanted it big enough to entertain guests. The design included a solid roof made of insulated panels to reduce head transfer and designed to allow for a connection to the indoor and outdoor space seamlessly.

In this case study, we will look at the design construction, benefits of a large insulated patio attached to a house in Townsville.

The construction of the large insulated patio began with the excavation of the area and pouring of the concrete slab. The frame was constructed using durable steel beams that were bolted to the house’s existing structure. The insulated roof panels were installed on the frame and gutters and down pipes were added to channel the rainwater away from the house.

The builder recommended using Nordeck® insulated panel roofs to complete this patio. Using Nordeck® it meant the homeowners would minimise labour cost and disruption to the homeowner’s routine, Nordeck’s insulated panel roofs are designed with a tongue and groove lock and seal design. The tongue of one panel fits into the groove of the adjacent panel, creating a tight seal. Therefore, improving energy efficient to ensure the patio can be used all year round. This design also allows for longer spans with minimal beams creating anaesthetically pleasing look that compliments the existing home.

The home owners were very pleased with the final product, Nordeck®. The insulated roof panels make this patio a comfortable place to relax even in the hot summer months and a space for entertaining guests. The large insulated patio attached to the house in Townsville was great addition to the house. The design and construction were done with care, resulting in a durable and comfortable structure that provides many benefits.

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