About Norfoam

Norfoam is the major supplier of insulated expanded polystyrene (EPS) solutions in North Queensland with offices in Townsville and Innisfail. We create, design, develop, construct, supply, and install insulated panels and polystyrene solutions for a diverse range of domestic, commercial, architectural and cold storage needs. By using the versatility of polystyrene in insulated roofing panels, we have created a unique product offering for building and home improvement projects.

Our range of products can be used for projects such as:

  • roofing systems for all building projects, patios and verandas;
  • cold rooms and freezer rooms for commercial and industrial applications;
  • agricultural and pharmaceutical rooms;
  • partition walls for sectioning large commercial and industrial areas;
  • profile cutting for pipe insulation; and
  • 2D shapes.

Norfoam supply’s flat pack room and roof systems in kit form so they can be easily and quickly assembled onsite. We also offer an installation service for all products.

Our History

Norfoam Australia Pty Ltd has been supplying North Queensland with quality insulated products since 1987.

Norfoam (Innisfail) manufacture and supply much sought after insulated boxes for the produce and seafood industries. In the early 90’s we began manufacturing waffle Pods for the building industry.

In 1997 Norfoam (Townsville) began its manufacturing of insulated panel systems for Northern Queensland. Norfoam Australia Pty Ltd has grown to become the major supplier of insulated EPS products in North Queensland.

Our Group

Norfoam is part of the BGW Group’s ever-expanding brand portfolio. The BGW Group supplies goods and services to a diverse array of industry and customer sectors but all of our companies are built on the same simple formula - we have the BEST people providing the BEST products and services in the BEST locations, so you can rely on us to deliver on time and budget.

Our extensive electrical and plumbing wholesale businesses are core to the organisation. Being 100% Australian privately owned enables us to empower our local managers to run each business in the way that best suits their customers' needs. Localised decision making underpinned by the purchasing power of the world’s largest wholesaling groups, with revenues in excess of A$34.5 billion, allows us to provide personalised service with surety and financial strength.

In addition to wholesaling, we have assembled a unique group of specialist supply and services companies. Each business operates under its own brand but all work together to share expertise and support services, to leverage opportunities for growth, and to maximise efficiencies through collective buying power. This means we source products at competitive prices so you can be confident you are getting the best value solution every time.

We remain a privately owned business and attribute our success and continued growth to our philosophy of believing in people, innovation, and providing quality products and services. To ensure our continued growth and success we continue to offer friendly and professional service whilst maintaining strict quality, safety and environmental standards.

For further information please visit www.bgwgroup.com.au.